Keeping Indoor Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs are better kept inside for many reasons. Cavies prefer similar temperatures to humans so the consistent temperature they will have in your home will help keep them healthy and happy.

Because you will see them more often, if they become sick you will notice a lot quicker than if they were outside. This means you can get the medical attention they need faster which may help save them from a nasty illness.

In this article we will help you decide whether an indoor guinea pig is the best option for you and your pets.

What is the Best Housing for an Indoor Guinea Pig?

For indoor guinea pigs, we recommend either the guinea pig habitat cage or C&C cage (a modular option) as the ideal housing for them and either of these is much easier to clean than a hutch.

C&C Cage

How Big Should a Guinea Pig Cage Be?

It is essential that your guinea pig cage is large enough. Some of the cages advertised for guinea pigs don't give them the space they need. They like to run around or they will become depressed. 

Guinea pigs love company so you should seriously consider having a pair of piggies. You can house more than two together but for 3 or more guinea pigs you will need a modular C&C cage as most ready-made cages don’t have enough room for more than 2 cavies.

The recommended size for a cage for 2 guinea pigs is 120cm x 60cm x 45cm high (or 4ft x 2ft x 1.5ft)

Check the spacing between the wires of the cage aren't too large. If they are, they could either escape or hurt themselves by getting stuck

Where Should the Cage be Positioned? 

Even though your guinea pigs are indoors, you still need to make sure that the cage is positioned in the right type of space for their safety.

  • During the summer months or hot weather, the cage must not be kept in a sunroom and must not be positioned anywhere in the home where they are in the sun all day.
  • Cables should be kept away from guinea pigs as they will chew through them and, if attached to an electricity supply, can kill them.
  • Some cavy owners who don’t have other pets to worry them will have open pens (C&C cages). These are great but they must be secure and safe.
  • Because cavies are prey animals they are naturally very nervous, so loud noises can frighten them. Make sure the cage is in a room where they won't be exposed to excessive noise.

Keep Your Guinea Pigs Safe from Other Pets

Guinea pigs must be kept away from other pets that could harm them. If you have a dog, think twice about whether it is safe to have guinea pigs as well. Cats can pose a risk to guinea pigs but if you have an enclose cage it should not be a problem.

Remember that snakes will see guinea pigs as food. Having the two in the same house could be very dangerous for your cavies.

Find out more about which cage is right for you and the ones that we recommend


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