Guinea Pig Adoption

If you can adopt a guinea pig from a rescue center, you have the potential to transform that little pet’s life. With hundreds of guinea pigs in rescue centers in the US, these small pets with the most adorable personalities are desperately in need of your help.

Why do guinea pigs end up in rescue centers?

There are many reasons why guinea pigs end up in rescue centers. Sometimes it is simply because an owner can no longer care for them and other times it’s because a guinea pig has babies and the owner doesn’t have space for all the new baby guinea pigs. However, many guinea pigs that end up in rescue centers may have been neglected or badly treated.

How can I adopt a guinea pig from a rescue center?

Rescue centers will all have different ways of doing things. They will advise you on how they work and how you can adopt a guinea pig.

Rescue centers are extremely careful about where they rehome their guinea pigs and rightly so because they don’t want to see any piggies they have helped and rehabilitated to go back into a home that can’t provide the proper care.

Adopt a pair of guinea pigs

Adoption centers will usually only let guinea pigs be adopted in pairs because they are naturally social animals and can become depressed on their own. However, if you already have a single piggy who has lost his mate, they will of course be able to find a new friend. Some will offer bonding sessions to make sure you find a suitable mate for your guinea pig.

Why not buy from a pet store?

It is unfortunately easier to buy a guinea pig from a pet store. However, pet stores supply as many as people demand. The more people demand them, the more guinea pigs will be bred for them. How can this be right when there are so many guinea pigs being cared for in rescue centers and in need of a good home?

If more guinea pigs are adopted from rescues, less will be unnecessarily bred for pet stores.

Please support the #AdoptDontShop ethos and give a guinea pig a home. Because if you don’t adopt them, that guinea pig may never find their forever home.

Will rescue centers have baby guinea pigs for adoption?

Rescue centers will often have young or baby guinea pigs. However, don’t rule out adopting an adult piggy as they also need a good home and so many of these lovely pets have waited a long time to find that special forever home. Sadly, some never do.

Learning to care for your new guinea pigs

We have lots of information on our website and we also have a youtube channel that will help you learn how best to care for your new guinea pigs. We recommend you start with the video “10 Things You Need to Know Before Getting Guinea Pigs” but please check out the other videos on our channel for loads more information.

We’ve also created some guinea pig care sheets that are designed for both children and adults that will help you remember all the tasks. You can also keep records of your guinea pigs health, care and other important information within these sheets. 

A guinea pig’s diet is really important for them to be healthy. You can check out our daily diet page and you may also like to buy the “safe fruit and veg sheets” we have designed to make your life easier when working out what fresh food they can eat.

Starter Kit

There are a few things you will need straight away when you get your guinea pig. 

We've created a “Guinea Pig Starter Kit List” which lists the items you need to get before bringing your new guinea pigs home and it also has links on where you can buy everything listed. 

We only recommend items that we know are good for guinea pigs and will never suggest anything unless it is something we know to be safe. 


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