Best Guinea Pig Hutch and Run Combination

The benefit of buying a hutch and run combo is that it is a lot easier for you and your guinea pigs when it comes to exercise time. It can also be cheaper to buy them as one item. 

Recommended Hutch/Run Combos

We have had a look at many of the hutch and run combos available for sale and many are too small - not nearly big enough to house guinea pigs and give them enough space to exercise. The ones we have found which have ample living space as well as a good sized run area are:

The Purlove Hutch & Run

The Purlove hutch is a good looking cottage-style deluxe hutch with multi-level living. The living space is on the top and the run is on the bottom.

This hutch which can be used outdoors and indoors  is raised off the ground. This can be safer if you have predators that may try and get underneath a run.

With sliding trays at the top and bottom this makes it easy to clean out.  The overall size of this hutch/run combo measures 62"L x 18"D x 36.8"H which gives your pets a good area to exercise.

It is painted white with some natural wood color for contrast which really makes this hutch very attractive to look at. Find out more about the Purlove cottage style hutch/run including pricing here on Amazon...

The Tangkula Hutch & Run

The Tangkula hutch is often used by people who keep chickens but it is not only for birds but rabbits and guinea pigs too - obviously not at the same time though!

One of the differences between this and the Purlove hutch/run is that this isn't raised off the ground. This means your guinea pigs can graze if you have a grassy area to put it. You will need to be careful that predators can't find there way in through the bottom of the run by burrowing or from spaces caused by bumps/holes in the grounds surface.

There is not much difference in size but this is slightly shorter than the Purlove hutch. This one also has a pull out tray for the top floor to make cleaning easier and it is finished in a natural wood color. Find out more about the Tangkula hutch/run including pricing here on Amazon...

Tips and Advice

Where to place the hutch/run

Make sure you place the hutch and run on a flat part of your lawn. If you choose a hutch that isn't raised from the ground with its own base, beware of lumps and bumps in your back yard which might create gaps below the run. This may allow predators to enter.

You should also ensure it is in a safe place which is not exposed to direct sunlight and in a part of the back yard where it's most protected by weather.

Treating the wood

The wood will need treating at least once a year to help keep it weatherproof. Always treat it with a water-based and pet-friendly stain and preservative. When you buy your hutch, check if it's already been pre-treated. This is usually the case which means you won't need to worry about doing this for a few months.

Links to Buy the Hutch/Run Combos

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