It's a Guinea Pig Circus! Fun Guinea Pig Cage Accessories

Posted by guineapiggles on 29 Jun 2019
Haypigs Circus Range of Accessories for Guinea Pigs

Roll up, Roll up… It’s time for the Guinea Pig Circus!

Haypigs have designed their own range of circus-themed products for guinea pigs and very kindly sent us a selection of these to try out on our six excited guinea pigs. 

What we especially love about these products is that they are thoughtfully designed with plenty of creativity and color which is lacking a little in many of the other products that are available. If you want to make your pets cage look amazing, these accessories are the perfect way to pimp your guinea pig cage!

Our piggies were very happy to take part in the circus and review them on our behalf!

Below are the products complete with pictures and our (or our guinea pigs) thoughts on each one:

Circus Hidey Hut

Guinea Pig Circus Tent Hidey Bed from Haypigs

Our guinea pigs absolutely loved hiding inside the circus tent. In fact there were a couple of arguments about whose turn it was next! The tent is made with a lovely soft fleece fabric and comes with 2 detachable pee pads that fit inside. This is really useful as one can be washed while the other is in use.  The tent itself can also be washed.

Two guinea pigs can fit inside although the cheeky piggies may attempt to squeeze more in there! Mr Jaffas decided this was his house and positioned himself very cleverly so the girls couldn't take over his new circus hut!

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Wheek Wagon

Guinea Pig Hay Feeder - Haypigs Circus Range

The Wheek Wagon Hay Hopper is a fantastic looking hay feeder. Fill it with hay and they will have fun pulling it out. If you like to take lots of photos of your guinea pigs, this is a great accessory to include as it's such a lovely design. Baileys enjoyed munching on the hay from the Hay Hopper!

Guinea Pig Hay Feeder by Haypigs

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Crash Mat Fleece Bed

Guinea Pig lying on Haypigs Circus Bed

The fleece bed is beautifully soft and squishy and a really good size for your piggies to relax and stretch out on. Comfy beds are always popular with guinea pigs and Sunny gave it 10 out of 10 for comfort! Sparkles and Lychee will review it when Sunny allows them to have a turn...

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Cavy Cannonball

Haypigs Cannonball tunnel and Baileys the Guinea Pig

Both we and the guinea pigs loved the cannonball. However, Baileys thought it was a really good place to hide and wouldn’t let anyone else use it for a while! Guinea pigs love tunnels and we thought the design was brilliant. There are plenty of tunnels available to buy for guinea pigs but none quite as attractive or fun as this one!

Eventually, Sunny was allowed to have a go...

Haypigs Cannonball tunnel and Sunny and Mr Jaffas the Guinea Pigs

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Weightlifter - Kebab Maker

A brilliant way to serve fruit and veggie treats, the weightlifter went down extremely well with our guinea pigs. We stacked a tomato, cucumber wedges and apple pieces to make a tasty kebab and the food was gone in a matter of minutes!

Haypigs Weightlifter Kebab

Because there are 6 of them, our piggies do tend to get a bit possessive with their food (they’re not really into sharing!) and a couple of them tried to take it and drag it into the pigloo where they could enjoy the food all to themselves…

3 guinea pigs eating food from the Haypigs Weightlifter Kebab

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Food Craving Tamer - Weighted Food Bowl

Mr Jaffas the guinea pig lying next to the Haypigs Circus Food Bowl

This is the best guinea pig food bowl I’ve come across for 3 reasons. Firstly it looks amazing with the bright red and yellow design, secondly it is a good size to fit plenty of food and thirdly it is a really good weight and is designed to not tip over even when the guinea pigs put their feet on the side of the bowl.

Of course, the guinea pigs gave it a 5 star rating too because it contained food! Again, Mr Jaffas is guarding the food bowl to ensure he doesn't go hungry!

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