Best Guinea Pig Cages

Finding the best cage for your guinea pigs is essential as a good cage will contribute to their wellbeing and happiness. It's important you take care to buy one that is well suited to their specific guinea pig needs. In this article we recommend some of the best indoor guinea pig cages, available online and discuss the Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat Cage in detail.

Top 5 recommended cages

The cage we like the best is:

  • The Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat - Check the price on Amazon.

An indoor cage which is a suitable size and made mainly of wood so may fit in well with your home decor is:

  • Ferplast Cottage - This is an attractive indoor hutch on 2 levels measuring 50L x 26Wx 40H (inches) or 129L x 68W x 103.5H (cm)

A more basic plastic cage but big enough:

  • Ferplast Krolik - Measures 55.91L x 23.62W x 19.62H exterior but slightly less on the inner measurements. We only recommend this if you use the 2 sections as one large cage without the separation in the middle.

For a modular option, very popular with guinea pig owners as you can make the cage whatever size you like:

  • C&C Modular Cages - You will need to buy the components for this DIY cage. We have an in-depth page on what a C&C cage is, what you need and even shopping lists for the various sizes.  Click here for full information on C&C Cages...

Cage Tips & The Guinea Pig Habitat Cage

What to look for in a guinea pig cage

When buying a cage for your guinea pigs there are 3 key points to consider:

  • Is it big enough for guinea pigs?
  • Is it easy to access for feeding, cleaning and interaction with your new pets?
  • Is it a safe environment for them?

Is the cage big enough for guinea pigs?

The recommended minimum size for a cage for two guinea pigs is 120cm x 60cm (47 x 24 inches). You should never put your guinea pigs in a smaller cage than this as it will simply not be big enough for them to exercise and play.

Guinea Pig Habitat Plus Cage

We've found that many pet shops and online stores sell cages that are simply too small despite the fact they are sold as guinea pig cages. Often these are sold as part of a "starter kit". This makes it seem like an easy option but it isn't a good choice for your new pets. You can check out our starter kit list here for good safe options...

The Midwest Guinea Pig Habitat is a 47 inch long guinea pig cage (and 24 inches wide) - exactly the recommended size giving 8 square feet of space for your guinea pigs and one of the great things about this particular housing is the fact that it's extendable. 

If you wanted to make it bigger, you could buy two and attach them via the side doors which will then act as a ramp between the cages. In fact you could attach several if you had the space and wanted to create different areas for them! With guinea pigs, bigger is always better! 

By buying the Habitat cage, you give yourself the option of extending in the future even if you don't have space right now. Having said that, if you have lots of room and want an extra large guinea pig cage or a more flexible and creative option, we recommend you check out the C&C modular cages which are perfect for creating the exact space you want for your guinea pigs.

Is the Habitat cage easy to access for feeding cleaning and interaction?

It's important you can easily access the cage to feed and clean your pets as well as being able to interact regularly with them. Some cages only have side entrances which make it difficult to get your hands in there to pick them up comfortably.

The Habitat can be purchased with or without a top. An open top cage is the best option as it is obviously much easier to access for cleaning, changing the food bowls and stroking your guinea pigs or picking them up for a cuddle. However if you have other pets, you must use a top.

The top of the Habitat cage allows for easy access as it opens fully and it's easy to take off for cleaning etc which makes it a preferable option to many other standard plastic cages.

Ramp in the Guinea Pig Habitat Cage

Is it a safe environment for them?

The cage must be one that keeps them safe from other pets and doesn't have sharp parts or anything on which they might hurt themselves.

The Habitat cage, unlike many other indoor cages, is not made from plastic but has a removable and leak proof pvc lined canvas base with a wire mesh top. A plastic cage can crack but the Habitat is much more likely to last because of the materials it's made with. 

Unlike some other small pets, guinea pigs must never be placed in a cage with their feet directly on the wires as they have very delicate feet. The canvas base in this cage makes a really comfortable floor on which they can run and play. We recommend you also use a fleece liner (more on this further down the page...)

The Habitat cage offers a protective environment from other pets providing you use the top.  It would be dangerous to have a topless cage if you have a dog and although we've found that cats don't seem to bother guinea pigs, it's much better to be safe than sorry so we advise making your cage cat proof by using the top.

Habitat or Habitat Plus - what's the difference?

If you choose to buy this cage, you will see there is an option between a Habitat and a Habitat Plus version. So what is the difference between the two? 

They are both the same size but the Plus version comes with additional accessories.  

  • The Midwest Habitat Plus includes a top panel, divider panel, ramp and ramp cover. This means you can have one section of the cage for play and sleep with the other side for eating and pooping. 
  • The Basic Midwest Habitat cage includes the basic cage and the canvas base. However, you can also buy any additional parts that are included in the "Plus" version separately.

Habitat Plus cage for guinea pigs complete with top panel

Is the Habitat easy to set up?

This cage is actually very straightforward to set up and only takes around 15 minutes maximum.  Thankfully you don't need a degree in DIY for this one!

Because it has a canvas base it is easier to set it up in the place where it's going to be situated. Below we have given you step by step instructions on how to set it up.‚Äč

How to set up the Habitat Plus cage

Here are the 5 simple steps to putting together a Guinea Pig Habitat Plus Cage. For the more basic cage, just follow steps 1 to 3.

  • First put up the main part of the cage - the sides.
  • Insert the canvas base and attach the Velcro strips that are attached to the base around the cage sides. 
  • Place your fleece liner inside the cage (if using). We recommend Guinea Dad fleece liners.
  • (Habitat Plus only) Put the dividing panel together with the ramp about 14 or 15 bars in from one end. You might need to count the bars to make sure you get it positioned the same on both sides.
  • (Habitat Plus only) Add the cage top, secure the clips around the edges

Habitat Plus guinea pig cage for 2

The above image shows the Guinea pig Habitat Plus Cage - and how it can look with all the items they need in it including a GuineaDad fleece liner which make a lovely soft and cozy base.

What bedding is best with the Habitat cage?

We like to use fleece liners in our cage. They make a lovely soft and cozy base and can be bought specially made for the size of the Habitat cage. Here are 2 options for these cage liners, both of which can be purchased online.

Bear in mind that if you are using fleece liners, it's always best to buy at least two as you'll need to wash them on a regular basis.

  1. GuineaDad fleece liners are ready-made absorbent fleeces which also have a pocket in which your guinea pig can hide. They are gray in color with a colored pocket (you can choose the color). Being ready-made, delivery is fast. 
  2. Small Pets Company fleece liners are made in Chicago, USA and made larger than the cage size to allow for shrinkage during washing. 

You can find out more about different bedding options here...

Advantages of the Guinea Pig Habitat Cage

  • It is easy to clean
  • It is the perfect size for 2 guinea pigs giving them enough living space
  • It is expandable
  • It can be used with or without the top (depending on whether you have other pets or not)
  • Easy to store flat and takes up little space
  • Makes separating different areas easy
  • Fleece liners can be bought to fit this specific cage. Click here to see the ones we recommend...
  • It can be used as a run too.

We recommend the Guinea Pig Midwest Habitat cage as our best buy because it is so versatile and expandable with great features. If you're environmentally conscious, this makes a lot more sense than a more solid plastic cage (as well as looking more attractive). The canvas base also makes it easy to transform into flat pack for travel or storage.

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