Guinea Pig Beds: Snuggle Sacks, Hidey Holes, Cozy Tunnels

Posted by guineapiggles on 24 Sep 2018
Mr Jaffas snuggling in a cozy fleece blanket

Guinea pigs love to hide and they enjoy snuggling down somewhere that is dark and cozy as it makes them feel safe and relaxed so it's good for them to have some kind of bed.

Snuggle Sack / Sleeping Bag

Guinea pig in a snuggle sack

Snuggle sacks are like sleeping bags and are usually made from fleece with an absorbent layer in between. These are very popular with Guinea Pigs, and especially good for outdoor piggies (especially the larger sacks) as they can get right inside and keep warm from any drafts or cold weather.


A pigloo is a small plastic house (they come in different colors) which is enclosed with an opening for them to enter offering them a dark safe place to hide.

You can stuff it with hay or put some fleece in it so your guinea pigs can feel more comfortable.  Pigloos are also great in a run or playpen as it gives your piggies shelter if they get startled by a loud noise or feel like they need a little more protection.

The advantage with a pigloo is that it is easy to wash with water and a pet-friendly disinfectant. However, it is not as cozy for your pet as the fabric beds.

We have a pigloo for our guinea pigs and they use it all the time. If you have the space it is good to have a pigloo and a cozier type of bed.

Hidey Hole / Guinea Pig Bed

3 guinea pigs - one on a bed, one on a fleece blanket and one in a hidey hole

A hidey hole is more like a bed and is made from a soft padded fabric which has a hood (see image above).  It is somewhere that is cozy to curl up but still a little open. This is another popular bed with our pets.

Bed / Mattress

The straight forward bed is flat sometimes with low sides (see the picture above and the bed to the left). Although this isn't a bed in which they can hide, our guinea pigs actually love their bed and have fun jumping on and off it when it's in their run. They also seem to like it in the dark area of their cage. 

This wouldn't be cozy enough for an outdoor hutch but it is perfect for indoor guinea pigs. However, I would always recommend having at least one option which offers somewhere to hide.

Cozy Tunnel

Cozy fabric tunnels have dual purpose as guinea pigs will love to run in and out of them and will also love to sleep inside where it is warm and dark. There are many options including some lovely handmade tunnels.

Be careful when buying these as we bought one that had metal in it to keep its shape but it was a real nuisance to wash because of this. You need to bear in mind that items like this will need regular washing and they need to be easily cleaned in the washing machine or they won't be any use.

Make Your Own Guinea Pig Bed

One of the favorite things in our guinea pig cage at the moment is a fleece tunnel I made for them. I cut out 2 large pieces of fleece and sandwiched an old piece of towel in the middle then sewed it up. I then made it into a tunnel shape. I'm not the best at sewing and admittedly the seams have come apart now so I need to put it back together again but they still love it.  Often I will pass their cage to find one of them using it like a sleeping bag with their little nose poking out the end but resting in complete chillout mode! 

If you make your own it doesn't have to be perfect but make sure it's safe. The best material to use is fleece as it offers a lovely soft and warm place to sleep.

You can see some of the guinea pig beds we recommend on our Guinea Pig Toys page.


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